3 Genius SEO Tips to Drive Website Traffic

Having a website with no traffic is like having none at all. SEO helps with the visibility of a website in various search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. Below are 5 SEO tips that can help your website rank well.

Properly Design Your Website

For those with an extra big or new website, coming up with a sitemap is essential. This is a file that holds the information required by search engines when it comes to indexing videos, web pages and audios. Both Google and Bing have sitemap generators. Also, the content on your website should be sharable. If you are selling products, for instance, be sure to have a number of products optimized on your homepage.

Niche Down

Your website should focus on a particular topic. Whether you are into sports, health, nutrition or beauty, make sure it’s all clear on your website to give you an authoritative voice.

Use Clear Keywords

Keywords are used by consumers when searching for relevant information. Make sure that they appear on your meta descriptions, header tags, alt attributes and even the URL of your site. Also, ensure that the keywords are optimized in line with the search behaviour of target buyers.

Apart from the above, make sure that your content is of high quality, the titles are attractive, the website loads faster, and the images are well optimized for proper visibility.